The novel coronavirus is as strange as it is scary. It spreads like wildfire and has affected populations around the globe. We’re all getting a refresher course in personal hygiene, but what about your house or place of business?

As people come out from under quarantines and shelter-in-place orders, how do you make your home or place of business safe for customers and guests?

Here are 8 ways to clean up to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

1. EPA Approved Disinfectants

The safest disinfectants to use for cleaning novel coronavirus off of hard surfaces is an EPA-approved disinfectant. Note that just because it has the stamp-of-approval of the Environmental Protection Agency does not mean that you should take a bath in it, or even handle it without gloves! 

2. Alcohol Solutions

If you can’t get your hands on an EPA-approved cleaner and don’t want to risk bleach, alcohol is a viable cleaner to kill COVID-19. Make sure to use a solution that is at least 70% alcohol.

3. Diluted Bleach Solution

Bleach is a harsh disinfectant, but it kills just about everything—viruses and bacteria too! Only use a bleach solution in a well-ventilated area and wear gloves, a mask, and goggles to protect your eyes.

4. Soap and Water

In a pinch, soap and water are effective against the novel coronavirus. You can also use soap-and-water solutions to scrub sofa, chair, and bed upholstery.

5. Laundry Detergent 

COVID-19 can land on clothing, stuffed animals, linens, towels, and drapes when droplets of water land on them, and then soak with the moisture deep into the fabric. Everything that can be machine-washed, bag it up and wash it. Use colour-safe bleach, if possible. It will be most effective in killing the coronavirus.

6. Deep Carpet Cleaner

Carpet is a soft, porous material that can’t be thrown in the washing machine. Deep cleaning is the only surefire way to get rid of COVID-19 that might be lingering in your carpet. Run a vacuum over it to get rid of debris, then either hire a professional or invest in a carpet cleaner.

7. Alcohol Wipes

Electronics should be rubbed with alcohol wipes to disinfect them while protecting the underlying circuitry.

If you are unable to obtain the above or are cautious of using heavy chemicals, contact a specialist cleaning company who can come in and do it for you. CICS Ltd is the leading company in decontamination cleaning and is trusted by a multitude of companies around South Africa.

Their specialist trained team will decontaminate and deep clean your premises, removing traces of COVID-19 and leaving you with a safe environment.