Domestic Cleaning Services

Deep-cleaning our homes used to only happen on special occasions – such as the season changing or before family comes to stay. Now with the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, coming into our supermarkets, workplaces and now our homes – it’s time to deep-clean.

The best advice that has been given to protect our families, is to practice good hygiene. CICS is aware that it isn’t practical to de-fog our homes every time we go to the supermarket, so we have compiled a playlist of videos, for you, that will demonstrate how to deep-clean various sections of your home.

Dusting and Damp Wiping Tutorial 

Dusting is removing the dust or dirt from the surface by wiping or bushing it. Damp dusting means the cloth used to dust is damp, but not wet. The minimal water works as an adhesive for the dirt to adhere to the cloth.


Mopping is using a bundle of yarn or absorbent sponge on the end of a stick to wash a floor or surface. The mop is used in partnership with a disinfectant to give a thorough clean of the area. 

Basins and Taps 

Bacteria grows in warm and damp environments, this is the case for most bathrooms – the place we keep our hygiene products. It is important to keep this place clean from any dirt and bacteria. 


Airborne bacteria can settle into the finest of fibres, this includes carpets, rugs and throws. Vacuuming works to remove any settled dust, dirt and bacteria from these surfaces. 

Removing Stains 

From time to time, stains happen. When it comes to a deep clean it is always good to take up any stains that have appeared on surfaces. Stains can harbor bacteria that can spore and become harmful.

Cleaning stairs 

Stairways and handles can be a breeding place for bacteria. Multiple people coming into contact with one surface throughout the day can result in a multitude of different bacterias.