Office Cleaning Services

Building your Office cleaning checklist

Building an office cleaning checklist is essential for all offices, large and small. Your office is full of germs, ranging from food poisoning strains such as salmonella and E-coli to the common flu, colds, and the norovirus. Keeping a clean office has many benefits. Having a clean office helps to improve your corporate image. A visually appealing office shows your visitors that you have high standards. A clean and hygienic workspace helps enhances employee morale by creating a feeling of a safe, healthy and vibrant place to work. You can combat staff absenteeism and turnover by ensuring that germs in the workplace are kept to a minimum. This small change can improve the bottom line.

1. Consider The Cleaning Frequency
2. How Many Days of Week Do You Need?
3. Do you have a Cleaning Routine?
4. What Types of Cleaning Products Do You Need?
5. What is the Service Level Agreement?
6. Do You Have Insurance?
7. How much are you prepared to spend?
8. What are the cleaning service types that you need?
9. Do you need a reliable service partner?

10 things you need for your office cleaning checklist:

1. Frequency 

How often you need the office needs cleaning? Is it a one-off clean, once a week or every day? One-off cleans typically involve advanced projects such as ingrained dirt, or high-level window cleans.

3. The Cleaning Routine 

What is the current cleaning routine within the office? The frequency of cleans and the general standard of the office will affect the checklist created. 

5. Service Level Agreement

It may be that your company requires specific standards to be met. Consider how quickly the job needs to be done and draft that into the contract with your cleaning company.

7. Pricing 

What is the companies budget? Dependant upon your budget and the frequency of cleans will effect the products and services.  

9. Choose A Reliable Partner 

If you’re looking to work with a cleaning company, particuarly with long term projects, make sure you choose a reliable partner. Check that the cleaning company meets the accreditations and experience required to carry out the work 

2. Days of Week

What days of the week do you need the office cleaned? The day will depend on how busy the office is or how much cleaning is required to facilitate staff or to make a good impression on visiting clients.

4. Types of Cleaning Products

Usually, your cleaning company will advise you here on the best types of products for specific jobs. 

6. Insurance 

Make sure that either, your company or the cleaning company you work with, are insured against any losses. These can be due to negligence or damage. 

8. Cleaning Solution Types 

There are lots of types of office cleaning ranging from janitorial services to more advanced high level cleans. What does your office require?

10. Cleaning Service Checklist  

Ensure that you complete the checklist of surfaces that need to be cleaned and disinfected. Below is an example checklist that we often use.