Cleaning Specialists In SA

When it comes to cleaning your home, office, car or company premises you want to know you are in good hands… and clean ones for that matter! There are copious amounts of companies out there offering all kinds of cleaning services. You can click from website to website reading all about their services and offerings and lead yourself into utter confusion. 

How do you know which cleaning company to choose? 

Who are the best cleaning professionals? 

What makes one company stand out from the rest?

Here are a few benchmarks to bear in mind when choosing a cleaning company:

Knowledge and Advice

Are the consultants and technicians educated on their products and services? Are they able to give you insightful cleaning tips and advice? Do they offer to do a site inspection and free quote to guide you on the options that suit you best? It is important that the company you choose is confident and knowledgeable enough to educate you in cleaning.

Reviews and references

An experienced company will have a reviews page where you will be able to read all of the comments from previous clients. They may also have a list of references, which you can request from them, to contact and find out more about the quality of service they provided. These are a true reflection of customer service and how it was received by the clients. 

Accreditations and Memberships

Find out what kind of licences and accreditations they have achieved. Are you comfortable with their disinfection protocols? Is all the staff confident with their cleaning approach? What official backing do they have behind their cleaning expertise? And do they have insurance?

To name a few…

GBAC star (Global Bio-risk Advisory Council), a division of ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Association), is a performance based accreditation program that helps facilities establish a comprehensive system for cleaning, disinfection and disease prevention. They assist with all types of facilities, offices, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, airports, and hotels. They are committed to implementing strict protocol for cleaning and disinfection. They demonstrate appropriate work procedures, practices and documentation. And they instill the confidence that the building has been cleaned and disinfected to the highest standards and safe for business.  

NCCA (National Contract Cleaners Association) is committed to developing and creating correct standards for the cleaning industry. Contractors who are members of the NCCA know how to recruit, train and manage expert cleaning technicians. Furthermore, it is for them to provide the materials, equipment and technical expertise necessary to carry out the work to their client's approval.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) share knowledge with their members on market relevant International Standards. It is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 165 national standards bodies that encourage innovation and provide resolutions to universal challenges.

Accreditations like these demonstrate that the company has been efficiently and effectively trained in the correct cleaning protocol. It also allows them to award you a certificate of service on the completion of the clean

Are They Accommodating?

Can they accommodate you after hours? Do they have 24-hour emergency cleaning services? What about last-minute requests or changes? You want a company that fits into your schedule and is willing to go out of their way to accommodate you. If you have a tight budget, are they flexible on their rates to willing to tailor a package that you can afford? 

The Range of Services Provided

Everyone loves a one-stop-shop! Do they provide and have good experience in all the cleaning services your home or company needs? Check to see that they offer things such as carpet deep cleaning, window cleaning, office deep cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection to name a few. That way you will not need to use multiple cleaning companies.

Reliable Staff

Ask the company about their hiring process. Do they do background checks? What kind of training do their employees get? These technicians are going to be spending a lot of time on your premises. You need to know whether they are skilled, trustworthy and reliable enough to look after your property and treat it with respect and care. 

If you are arranging a contract clean will you be getting the same cleaner every time? It is nice to know that there will be someone who knows your cleaning needs and property well to ensure consistency in the quality of service. 

Onsite Supervision and Good Communication

It is so important to have a supervisor on site to manage the team and who can communicate with you to keep you updated as they complete the cleaning tasks at hand. This ensures that the team is fulfilling the tasks set out for them efficiently and timeously, and that you have support should you have any questions or requests. 

Correct Equipment and Products

There are different types of chemicals, cloths and equipment that should be used for specific areas as well as for different business environments. It is important that the cleaning company uses the right cleaning products for every area and type of business premises. This prevents cross contamination of different bacteria across the surfaces, and prevents them from damaging furniture, fittings and equipment. 

Environmentally Friendly Techniques and Products in a new tab) in a new tab)

Are they looking after the environment? Are their products food friendly, plant friendly, and animal friendly? You don’t want to be exposing anyone to harmful chemicals or have a negative impact on the environment. Companies that use eco-friendly products are taking a holistic approach, caring for buildings and the environment by using eco-conscious materials and practices. Green cleaning minimizes negative impacts on the environment and reduces the risk for client exposure to harmful residues.

CICS Ltd is a professional cleaning service provider specialize in delivering high-quality cleaning services. We tick all of the boxes mentioned above and would love to discuss a tailored cleaning package to suit your unique cleaning needs. Contact us for more information, free custom-made quote, or advice: or call us on 021 201 6840.