Office Cleaning Tips 2021

Who would have thought that we would be starting 2021 in the second wave of a global pandemic? Everything has been totally and utterly flipped on its head. The world as we knew it this time last year is nothing more than a distant memory. Our work days are filled with zoom meetings, hand sanitizers and face masks. But as this becomes the new normal after covid-19, we slowly settle into our new routines and adjust to the safety protocols in the workplace. 

Here are our top cleaning tips for the workplace:

Have a cleaning schedule & checklist

Have a daily schedule for the cleaners to stick to where they can tick off their duties for the day as they complete them, as well as sign once certain areas have been cleaned. This will ensure all areas are covered and serve as a record of all the cleaning that has been done.

Ensure all staff wash their utensils and their hands

Hygiene is key! Make it a kitchen rule that everyone is responsible for washing up their own utensils immediately after using it. This will keep your kitchen space clean, free of clutter and minimise the chance for contamination and spread of bacteria. Encourage employees to wash their hands when going between the bathroom, office and kitchen to avoid cross contamination. 

  1. Have a weekly fridge clean out day

Often employees tend to forget food in the communal fridge from time to time, and it tends to fill up with unclaimed items over time. It is a good idea to encourage people to label their food with their name and date it was left in the fridge. Then set a day of the week where a weekly clean out is done and anything old or unclaimed can be removed.

  1. Have a carpet cleaning day

Carpets are the biggest culprit of filth and bacteria accumulation. Especially in high traffic zones, carpets tend to trap a lot of dirt and dust particles. A regular vacuum should do the trick. It is highly recommended to do professional carpet deep cleaning done once a month to eradicate stains and kill bacteria.

  1. Train your staff 

It is vital for your staff to be professionally educated in the correct cleaning procedures and the use of PPE. This is for the safety of all of your employees. They need to protect themselves while cleaning by wearing and using the correct PPE for the specific cleaning task they are performing. They also need to be aware of the different chemicals and equipment that should be used for the various areas and surfaces around the office. 

Have cleaners wipe down and sanitize all surfaces

Encourage the staff to pack away all files and papers at the end of the day so the cleaners can easily access all surfaces. Surfaces can be sanitized before employees come in every morning and after they leave every day. Having a clear desk policy in place in the office is the best way to maintain clean office environment.

Office Electronics

Laptops, phones, printers and office machinery often accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria from the high usage by all the people in your office. It is a good idea to add these items to the daily cleaning schedule. Ensure you have the correct cleaning products, wipes and cloths on hand for everyone to use. This will ensure you maintain a sanitary work environment, whilst still protecting your expensive equipment.

Emptying the bins

Bins in office spaces tend to fill up quickly with paper and food stuff, and have the potential to smell and overflow. This can be hazardous and unhygienic if they are not cleaned out regularly. Ensure office bins have bin liners and are cleaned out daily. Bins should be disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of germs.


Communal bathrooms can become a breeding ground for bacteria and infectious diseases if they are not cleaned properly and regularly with the right chemicals to remove toilet bowl stains as well as kill germs. Because of their high use, toilets need to be disinfected often.

Do a monthly/quarterly professional clean

Sometimes it’s best left up to the professionals. Once a month or quarter year, call on professional commercial cleaning company to come in a clean those hard-to-reach places, disinfect your surfaces, fog your offices, deep clean your carpets and just do a general deep clean to ensure your whole workspace is completely sanitized. 

Keeping your office space clean is vital for your staff and clients health and safety and it reflects a professional and productive company and work environment. 

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