Cleaning Tips

Choosing the Right Cleaning Company

Commercial Cleaning COVID-19 Cleaning Industrial Cleaning

January 25, 2021

When it comes to cleaning your home, office, car or company premises you want to know you are in good hands… and clean ones for that matter! There are copious amounts of companies out there offering all kinds of cleaning services. You can click from website to website reading all about their services and offerings […]

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Cleaning Tips For The Office

Commercial Cleaning COVID-19 Cleaning

January 25, 2021

Who would have thought that we would be starting 2021 in the second wave of a global pandemic? Everything has been totally and utterly flipped on its head. The world as we knew it this time last year is nothing more than a distant memory. Our work days are filled with zoom meetings, hand sanitizers […]

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Tips for Commercial Fridge Deep Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Industrial Cleaning

October 14, 2020

Commercial Fridge Deep Cleaning Why is commercial fridge cleaning important? Refrigerators are one of the more expensive assets in a restaurant kitchen. While they age over time and will eventually need to get replaced, keeping them clean will ensure all-round hygiene of your establishment. More than that, regular cleaning can also add to the longevity […]

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