Commercial Cleaning

We offer a broad range of commercial cleaning services to both the private and public sectors across South Africa.

These include Office cleaning, School Cleaning, Retail Store and Shopping Mall Cleaning, Kitchen Deep Cleaning, Commercial Property Cleaning and Care Home Cleaning to name a few. We cover once off deep cleaning services, Covid-19 decontamination cleaning as well as contract cleaning packages customised to suit your business needs.

Each and every job that we do is different, therefore it is important that we work closely with our clients to understand the individual cleaning services required by their company. This ensures that the job is carried out correctly and follows all safety guidelines.

Our highly trained team of cleaners work under on-site supervision, and can either perform their duties during or after office hours to ensure minimal disruption to your business day.

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Office Cleaning

A clean office environment is essential to provide a safe, productive workspace for your staff and to instill confidence in visiting clients.

However, visual cleanliness doesn’t necessarily mean that all harmful microbes have been removed with normal day to day cleaning methods. High sickness related absenteeism at work is a major problem that many companies experience, which can be extremely disruptive to any business.

CICS Ltd. is a leading expert in all types of office cleaning services, including deep cleaning and antiviral decontamination. This can assist companies with the management of illness related absenteeism. Using ULV fogging and micro-spray technology, our team of trained experts safely sanitise your business premises – removing COVID-19 along with other viruses, bacteria, and various fungi.


The number of germs per square inch on the average worktop


The average office desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat

We offer office cleaning solutions to suit all your business’s needs such as daily regular cleaning during office hours, once-off decontamination cleaning for covid related cases, spring-cleaning, janitorial services as well as offering monthly maintenance cleaning packages that can include any of the following:

  • Carpet Deep Cleaning – Our fully trained staff are able to clean carpets below the reach of normal vacuum cleaners, removing stubborn stains and germs.
  • Work Surfaces – Our specialist cleaning products ensure your surfaces are visibly clean and clear of harmful germs.
  • Window Cleaning – Our skilled team are trained to clean windows in otherwise inaccessible parts of office buildings.
  • Floor Surfaces – Floor surfaces over time become ingrained with tough dirt. Our cleaning products help remove this sub-surface dirt and restore floor surfaces to a clean and hygienic state.
  • Bathrooms – Office bathrooms should be cleaned frequently. We offer a full deep clean of bathrooms ensuring that they feel clean to use and meet required health and safety standards.
  • Drains and Gutters – Blockage of office drains and gutters can lead to further problems such as ceiling leaks which can result in thousands of rands of damage. We can help here by ensuring your drains and gutters are clean and clear.

We also provide convenient after hours office cleaning services, for those businesses who cannot afford to have their work day disrupted.

School Cleaning Services

Infection outbreaks such as measles and the norovirus can be rife in learning establishments such as schools and educare centers, especially for young children as they have not yet fully established their natural immunity. With years of experience working in the education environment, CICS Ltd is a trusted partner by many well-established clients. We ensure that school grounds are clean, safe and remain a hygienic place for students, teachers and parents alike.

We provide high quality cleaning packages to all types of educare centres and schools across South Africa. Our cleaning solutions include janitorial cleaning services that cover all your cleaning needs that arise during school hours, as well as convenient after hours cleaning options where needed. We ensure that all common areas such as classrooms, bathrooms and corridors maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

We have been entrusted by a number of educare centres to provide deep cleaning sanitisation and fogging services to help contain the spread of bacteria, pathogens and viruses. Our deep cleaning services involve sanitising all touchpoints found throughout the school – surfaces, handles, taps, door knobs, desks and play areas. We also offer fogging treatments which are great for sanitising larger spaces such as school halls, canteens and corridors.

All of our cleaning products are biodegradable, SABS approved, eco friendly and safe to use in educare centres and schools. We also ensure that each member on our highly skilled team has police clearance, offering you complete piece of mind.

Retail Store Cleaning Services

CICS LTD has extensive cleaning and decontamination experience in the retail sector, offering cleaning service packages to suit the needs of the industry.

Aside from regular cleaning tasks, we have successfully dealt with several virus and bacterial threats over the years for our clients, such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2004 and now COVID-19. We offer regular day to day cleaning solutions, as well as decontamination and fogging services. Our products are safe to use on fabrics and surfaces, ensuring your store will be cleaned with no possibility of damage to your stock.

In high traffic zones such as retail stores, one has to focus on more than just day to day cleaning. Thorough deep cleans are required on a regular basis to ensure the safety of your staff and customers. We refer to these cleans as “LOG 3 treatments” as it kills 99.9% of all living bacteria on all surfaces treated. When LOG3 treatments are done regularly, the possibility of bacteria and or virus outbreaks can be drastically reduced in these areas.

 At CICS LTD. all of our cleaning staff are trained according to the Global Bio Risk Advisory Council (GBAC) protocols to ensure that our deep cleans are effective, kill bacteria and counteracts the possibility of cross contamination. 

Our retail store cleaning services include, but are not limited to:

  • Janitorial Work
  • Sanitation
  • Rubbish Removal (CICS LTD is a registered Biohazardous Waste Removal Company)
  • Glass & Window Cleaning
  • Floor Buffing & Burnishing
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Carpet Deep Cleaning
  • Trauma & Bodily Fluids Removal
  • Decontamination (SARS-CoV, COVID-19 etc)
  • After Hours packages to ensure minimal business disruption.

Our exceptional references speak for themselves, and we guarantee the highest quality of service in the commercial cleaning industry across South Africa.

Commercial Property Cleaning Service

We offer a wide variety of commercial property cleaning services to assist both body corporates,rental agencies or private letters to maintain their properties. In these cleaning service packages we cover both monthly contract cleaning and maintenance services as well as once off deep cleaning for end of tenancy clean up needs on rental properties.

We all know that some tenants can leave a real mess of all the rooms or hard to remove stains on carpets, but this is no challenge for us. Let us take the stress out of getting your property ready for the next tenant to move in.

We also assist with cleaning and maintaining large residential estates as well as smaller properties such as flat blocks. We keep communal areas sparkling clean and help you maintain the hygiene standards expected by your tenants. We can offer cleaning services to cover areas such as club houses, security offices and guard huts as well as helping you maintain the grounds. We can even handle your waste removal should you be in need of this service. 

Let us tailor a cleaning package for your commercial property that suits your special needs as well as your budget.

Care Home Deep Cleaning

Ensuring the safety of the elderly is paramount, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A successful residential care home, including old age homes and frail care facilities are clean & hygienic. Aesthetic appearance and cleanliness of an environment are not only vital for providing reassurance to residents, families and staff, but also for creating a flourishing business. CICS Ltd is an expert in commercial cleaning, with one of our specialist areas of interest being healthcare.

We know that surfaces not only need to look clean but be deep cleaned and free of disease-causing microbes. Using ULV and micro Spray technology, our trained experts thoroughly sanitise, thus safely removing viruses, bacteria and various fungi.

We offer packages to suit all types of healthcare facility needs, including those for the elderly. Choose from our range of deep cleaning and fogging services that could be done on a case by case basis, after there has been a Covid-19 case confirmed in the facility, or our contract packages that provide for your more day to day cleaning needs.

We also provide more specialised services such as the removal of medical waste as well as the cleaning of those tough to remove bodily fluids or blood stains. No task is too big or too small for us in the healthcare industry, let us relieve the burden of your cleaning tasks whilst you focus on providing the best care possible for your elderly residents in the most hygienic environment possible.

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