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COVID-19 Outbreak Decontamination Cleaning

The worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had people desperate to shield themselves, their homes and their businesses from contamination. Coronavirus is known for being particularly treacherous as it can remain on surfaces for up to 21 days, making it difficult to track and contain. The consequences of this type of biohazard situation can last up to 21 days after initial contact with an infected person, creating a nightmare for businesses in both the commercial and industrial sectors.This is why having a professional decontamination company to help you is vitally important.

CICS Ltd. offers a tried and tested range of COVID-19 cleaning services to small and large businesses across South Africa. We cover both fogging and deep cleaning of all touch points and shared spaces in Offices, Schools, Retail Stores and Supermarkets, Hospitals and Care Homes to name a few. Each business’s needs are unique, so we will work closely with you to mitigate risks and ensure that the task is handled quickly and efficiently to stop the further spread of COVID-19.

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COVID-19 Cleaning Service Options

We offer two cleaning packages for businesses that have had a suspected positive case of the Coronavirus. In these packages we follow the Global Bio Risk Advisory Council’s (GBAC) protocols and provide a 51-point disinfection clean. We target all touch points; light switches, doorknobs, faucets, computers, counters, and floors. We provide you with a certificate of completion once the clean has been completed.

Our treatments can include the following:

  1. PRE-FOG – Performed with either a ULV-COLD FOGGER, THERMAL FOGGER or ELECTROSTATIC FOGGER to start the disinfection process by putting small chemical particles in the air which will linger for a long while covering all exposed surfaces
  2. LOAD REDUCTION – We remove any visible waste, rubbish or debris that is found on site and dispose of it according to regulations
  3. FORENSIC CLEAN – All dirt will be removed from all vertical and horizontal surfaces throughout the entire store / work area in preparation for the professional disinfection
  4. PROFESSIONAL DISINFECTION – We use the highest quality of biodegradable cleaning chemicals as well as the best suited industrial cleaning equipment to ensure that the entire space is sufficiently disinfected.

Our two COVID-19 / Virus disinfection options are as follows:

1. General Cleaning (Spring Cleaning) – Log 3 Treatments

This treatment kills 99.9% of all living viruses and bacteria on surfaces, and includes the following:

  • Includes forensic clean – or a deep clean of all reachable surfaces up to 2m in height
  • Optional upholstery and carpet cleaning
  • No fogging required
  • Only Log 3 Chemicals used
  • Includes load reduction and waste removal

2. Disinfection / Decontamination – Log 6 Treatments

This intensive treatment kills 99.999% of all living viruses and bacteria on surfaces, and goes beyond your General Clean to include the following:

  • Biohazardous waste removal and disposal is included in the treatment
  • Optional upholstery and carpet deep cleaning is available
  • All steps followed in general clean
  • Professional disinfection done including fogging
  • Only Log 5-6 chemicals are used

All chemicals used in our treatments are SABS approved, biodegradable and in line with the Global environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning movement.

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