Police Cell Cleaning


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Police Cell Cleaning

Prison cells in South Africa are particularly prone to disease. Overcrowding in cramped spaces with communal areas such as toilets and showers is a harsh reality. To reduce the risk of spreading disease and infection, rapid and regular decontamination, and disinfection is an absolute necessity. It is crucial in a country like South Africa, with a rampant crime rate, that these cells are operational at all times.
CICS.ltd police and prison cell cleaning service offers a swift response to any outbreak or hazardous incident, thereby guaranteeing that all affected areas are decontaminated and disinfected to the highest of standards. We ensure that any harmful bodily fluids and toxic materials are disposed of correctly

Why Is It Important To Clean Police Cells?

Ensuring the decontamination of police cells is important for a number of reasons. Regular professional cleaning of police cells helps to:

Provides sanitation and decontamination

It prevents the spread of disease

It protects custody officers and inmates from infection

Maintains the professional service by police staff

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