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20 Briza Road, Tableview, Cape Town

As well as the more common types of industrial and commercial cleaning solutions, we also get involved with unique projects where a method or established process does not exist. In these circumstances, we research possible methods, conduct trials, produce samples, predict results and outcomes and then support our proposals in the form of a report along with any anticipated environmental implications and costs.
Each project is unique, and all carry a degree of risk and, as such, we will need to closely work with and understand our clients business, objectives and safety procedures. We understand the importance of getting it right the first time.
Our approach is to work with site management, providing experienced site supervision and labour. Since inception, we have never been contra-charged by any of our clients for delays, damage caused or otherwise. Most of our customers return to us for repeat business, which we achieve by completing projects safely, on time, on budget and without incident.

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